Timber Mat Services

Over a river, through the woods or in a swamp, C&E Pipeline Services specializes in every aspect of environmental mat services. We are the experts you can rely on for the results you desire.

C&E has the equipment, professionals, expertise and experience to build any mat road at any time of the year. We are proactive in all environmental mitigation and safety policies and procedures to ensure your protection, our protection, and the protection of the environment.

We provide a turn key service that includes site consultation, logistics, installation, and removal. Over the road and on the ROW, C&E will support your matting needs through every phase of the project. Our staff is available 24/7 to offer professional advise on your next mat road or bridge.

C&E also provides you with mechanical and manual mat cleaning systems to eliminate difficulties and other cost variables associated with handling contaminated and dirty mats. Mat disposal service is also available for mats that are damaged or contaminated beyond reuse.

C&E has handled thousands of mats in nearly any site condition across the United States. Our turn key mat service is a safe, efficient, and cost effective solution that will enhance your next project.

Inbound Mat Delivery

C&E will deliver the mats you need, when you need them, bar none. We are committed to a safe and timely delivery.

Prep & Timber Mat Laydown

All safety and environmental structures will be firmly in place to allow safe access while minimizing, if not eliminating, environmental impact.

Timber Mat Removal

When the job is done, C&E will pull out the mat road in the same safe, efficient method as we put them in.

Outbound Timber Mat Freight

C&E will haul the mats off site and directly onto your next job. No sense in letting a good mat sit around.

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