Site Prep, Access, Maintenance & Restoration Services

C&E believes our clients deserve to have their projects completed the right way the first time. We are proud to be the industry’s restoration company of choice, and the results we produce are a testimony to that.

Whatever the site condition, C&E will set up access and restore the site to original or better condition when the construction phase of the project is complete.

We offer impeccable support and services in the following:

  • Access Road Construction
  • OHPL Safe Crossings
  • Job Site Signage
  • Traffic Control Signage
  • Dewatering Structures
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Revegetation
  • Organic Restoration
  • Problem Area Restoration
  • Concrete and Asphalt Restoration


No matter the size of the project, the forestry professional at C&E have the knowledge, skill set and experience to see your project through from beginning to end. We work hard not just to accommodate our clients’ needs, but to exceed them.

  • C&E Pipeline Services can remove trees and stumps, eliminate heavy brush and remove canopy either mechanically or by hand at any location, any time of the year.
  • Our staff is made up of trained forestry specialists that are experts at clearing your ROW, whether it is water, petroleum, gas, fiber optic, or electric transmissions.
  • Our knowledgeable teams also have the capability to oversee the removal of storm damage, railroad clearing, fence work and survey clearing.


C&E Pipeline Services does not believe in re-work; getting things right the first time, every time is what we are all about. We are proud to be the right-of-way restoration company of choice and our work is second to none.

We offer great support and service in:

  • Top soil grading
  • Rock-picking
  • Soil decompacting
  • Organic restoration
  • Mulching and all types of seeding
  • Hard area restoration
  • Fertilizing
  • Fence work

And much more; if you have a job not listed chances are we can assist, just ask. C&E Pipeline Services can complete your right of way job the right way!


C&E specializes in procurement, logistics, placement, removal, and disposal of all sizes and types of mats. We will build your mat bridge, mat the road you need, vacate and restore when complete.  More about our timber mat services..


C&E has all the resources and manpower to protect and preserve the integrity of your pipeline. We will keep your midstream assets in compliance with all federal regulations. We have dedicated crews and equipment to dig up, assess and repair any anomaly in any environment. C&E has some of the most competent personnel in the Industry. C&E is qualified and committed to take on any task and complete it professionally, efficiently, and safely, with respect to the environment.


C&E Pipeline Services will install devices: silt fences, straw bale dikes and dewatering structures to contain and control sediment and ground erosion caused during construction.


Goalposts are erected as a safety precaution to provide high visibility to the overhead power lines. These posts allow heavy equipment safe passage under the overhead lines that may encroach upon access routes and workspaces. If you have a lot of powerline crossings on a project, chances are C&E can save you a lot time and hassle in setting up goal posts.


Temporary fence barriers are an important aspect of construction site preparation. C&E will construct barriers and remove when your job is complete.


C&E Pipeline Services will provide equipment, material and manpower to assist during all phases of your construction process.


Mulching is a must. It improves surface soil moisture, moderates soil temperature and reduces erosion. Whether it’s straw, hydromulch or mulch blankets, C&E will exceed your mulching needs.


Successful stabilization efforts minimize erosion and maximize re-vegetation on steep slopes and banks. C&E Pipeline Services will utilize several products to fit your stabilization plan.


C&E Pipeline Services will remove and dispose of all construction debris in a safe, efficient and environmentally conscious manner.


Proper seed bed prep will provide a suitable bed for seed germination. When needed, C&E will provide additional topsoil to facilitate more seed bed material. Our scope includes tilling, smoothing and raking in preparation for a productive seed bed.


C&E will decompact the disturbed areas before setting final grade if your access route or workspace goes through an agriculture field.


C&E Pipeline Services will contour disturbed or settled land to provide proper drainage. Final grade is set to ensure level ground for a great seed bed.

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