Right of Way Division

Tree & Brush Clearing

  • C&E Pipeline Services facilitates our customers annual Right of Way Vegetation Management programs per DOT regulation through the eradication and management of trees/brush/weeds mechanically, manually, and chemically.
  • Our trained forestry specialists have experience with various utility and infrastructure ROW’s, including: water/storm, highway, petroleum, gas, railroad, fiber optic, and electric transmission.
  • We also provide new construction clearing and emergency support for storm damage.

Geotechnical Projects
From reinforced embankments to depth of cover mitigation, C&E Pipeline Services utilizes several products and proven techniques to fit your stabilization and erosion/sediment control plans.

Mat Installation & Rental
Over a river, through the woods or in a swamp, C&E provides turn key mat service that includes site consultation, logistics, installation, and removal. C&E will support your matting needs through every phase of the project. Our staff is available to offer professional advise on your next mat road or bridge.

Site Restoration
C&E Pipeline Services does not believe in re-work. We are proactive in getting things right the first time. From our humble beginnings as a restoration company, we pride ourselves on still being a preferred contractor for our customer’s restoration needs.

We offer great support and service in:

  • Topsoil Grading
  • Soil Decompacting
  • Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Seeding & Fertilization
  • Problem Area Restoration