Case Study: Hydrotest in Northern Indiana

In June of 2012, C&E was contracted by a leading energy client to provide support for a hydrotest on a 60+ mile section of natural gas pipeline in Northern Indiana, which included the following services:

The entire project consisted of 14 different sites, going through agricultural fields, wetlands and residential property with water sourced from a nearby river. All of these sites combined made for a unique environmental mitigation approach.  Working closely with the client and environmental inspectors, C&E developed a plan that would allow safe access to every site while minimizing, if not removing, environmental impact.

ROW clearing and the use of mats, both 3-ply laminated and timber, became a large factor in the successful completion of this project. Teaming up with the clients’ land agents, we were able to create a safe and effective plan to provide access to every one of these sites, on time and under budget. Altogether, over 2,000 mats were utilized with expert, efficient handling. With the proper equipment and skilled personnel, C&E was able to provide access to all 14 sites in less than 2 weeks.

Most of the sites were accessed from rural county roads, creating a unique situation for timely delivery and pickup of 2,000 mats. C&E located and gained permission to utilize strategic staging areas for trucks, staggering them a few at a time, creating less road congestion, more effective traffic control and safe travel for local traffic.

During the hydrotest activities, C&E provided manpower, materials and equipment to supplement and assist in our clients operation. When scope had changed or schedules became compressed, C&E reacted and adapted proficiently to ensure our client remained in all parameters.

At the end of the hydrotest, C&E was responsible for restoration of all 14 sites. Utilizing special seed mixes, fertilizer blends, mulching and erosion control methods where needed, we were able expedite vegetation and return the land to as was, if not better condition. Some residential landowners gained new, maintainable green space through our efforts.

C&E was commended by our client for our efficiencies and results, as always. As well, we were acclaimed for our safe work practices and zero incidents throughout the entire project. We even managed to save our client a few bucks while we were at it. Job well done.