Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Lansing Michigan, C&E Pipeline Services is a family-owned and operated Pipeline Maintenance and Repair contractor serving the Oil and Natural Gas Industry.

C&E began as a small contractor working in the natural gas industry in 2007, providing restoration services throughout Michigan and the surrounding states with 4 men, 1 truck, trailer, skid steer, and a lot of ambition. Over the years, our quality workmanship and attention to the customer has allowed us to expand our client base, service offerings and geographic footprint.

Today, C&E employs dozens of people, providing a variety of services to our expanding customer base throughout the midwest and beyond. We still value and embrace the ambition that got C&E to where it is today.


  • Oil and Gas Services
    • Facilities Maintenance
    • Pipeline Integrity
    • Welding & Fabrication
    • In-Line Inspection Support
  • Right of Way Services
    • Tree & Brush Clearing
    • Geotechnical Projects
    • Mat Rental & Installation
    • Site Restoration


INTEGRITY – We inspire trust. We lead by positive example. We are professional and respectful to the public, our customers, our vendors, and our colleagues; on and off the clock. We believe that integrity is the heart of character.
SAFETY – We take responsibility for our safety and the safety of those around us. We recognize and remove potential hazards and correct unsafe work behaviors. We recognize and reward safe work practices. We practice safety at work, home, and play.
COLLABORATION – We understand that as a team, we are collectively stronger; That there truly is power in numbers. We empower one another to achieve common goals. We value the experience and insights of our colleagues. We are open to new ideas.
ADAPTABILITY – We realize that our environment can, and will, change. We thrive on change.
STEWARDSHIP – We accept accountability for the responsible use and care of all of the resources we utilize in our daily work. We respect the communities we work and live in. We conserve and protect the environment in all of our business affairs.
COMMITMENT – We are determined to uphold a high standard of excellence in all that we do. We are wholeheartedly invested to team and company goals.

TransCanada – Contracted in 2017 for support on compressor station auxiliary power unit replacement. Project scope: excavation, pipe and structural fabrication, pipe supports, concrete flatwork and piers, hydrotesting, final grade and restoration
Project Duration: 2 months

DTE – Contracted in 2017 to provide pipeline integrity services on excavations located in congested urban highway, road and railroad crossings. Project scope: locate anomaly from ILI data, traffic control, excavation of anomaly area, anomaly assessment, sandblasting, below grade hot-wax coating, backfill and compaction, final grade and restoration
Project Duration: 1.5 months