About Us: A Look at C&E Pipeline Services

Safety. Integrity. Quality. Results.

michigan pipeline serviceThese concepts are the foundation of what we do here at C&E Pipeline Services.

Founded in 2007, C&E Pipeline Services is a family-owned and operated pipeline right-of-way maintenance company with industry experience far exceeding our date of incorporation.  We aim to set ourselves apart from the pack when it comes to right of way clearing, right of way maintenance, ROW restoration, pipeline work, conservation, composite mats timber mats and much more.

C&E holds memberships with various organizations, including: ISNetworld, Veriforce, and Pipeline Testing Consortium. We have certifications and qualifications with NCCER and Veriforce. Our staff is experienced, hard-working, and safe, having a keen awareness of and a strict attention to the environment. We work closely and communicate often and clearly with our clients. We manage every project thoroughly, front-to-back, to ensure every job is complete before we move out—100% is a good number for time and effort, 110% is even better. We are always expanding our client list and are ready to help you on your next project whether its right-of-way clearing or any of our other services. Contact C&E today and find out more.


  • Pipeline Maintenance & Integrity
  • Timber/Composite Mat Rental & Service
  • Site Access & Restoration
  • ROW Clearing
  • Vegetation Management
  • Project Support


Adaptation & Response – Scope and deadlines can change at a moment’s notice. We understand and are proactive in adapting and responding to our clients ever changing needs.

Safety – It is not expected, but demanded. At C&E, safety is a condition of employment. An EMR of .72 reflects our commitment to safety.

Environmental Stewardship – C&E meets or exceeds all client, federal, state, local and tribal environmental regulations.

Planning & Execution – From PM’s to labor hands, each project is developed, monitored and measured with integrity and professionalism.


TransCanada – Contracted in 2012 for support on 60 mile Hydrotest in Northern Indiana. Scope involved ROW Clearing, Rental & Service of 2000 Timber Mats, Site Restoration.
Project Duration: 4 months

Enbridge – Contracted in 2013 to provide rental, cleaning, install and removal of 9000 + Timber Mats at 5 locations in Northern Michigan. All sites were within wetlands & Federal Forests.
Project Duration: 3.5 months


C&E Pipeline Services takes great pride in encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding safe practices. We are fully committed to establishing, maintaining, and continuously improving safety standards in the workplace. As a team, we ensure that the environments where our projects are located are safe for all employees, owners, and visitors.

One of the main goals we strive towards is “zero incidents.” We work towards that goal by constantly evaluating and improving our safety training programs. At C&E, we promote a pro-active, safety-minded work culture where safety is always considered. This practice is recognized through our Behavioral Based Safety Program.

All of our safety training programs are led by certified instructors. We firmly believe that an effective way to minimize the risk of injury on any job is to ensure every employee is well trained in a wide range of possible safety concerns and that their training is refreshed and reviewed regularly.

Our team of safety personnel and crew leaders continuously monitor safety by conducting jobsite inspections. At C&E Pipeline our efforts go into getting things done both safely and efficiently; 100% of the time.


We value, encourage, and reinforce the safe behavior of our staff because they are not only responsible for their own safety, but for the safety of others as well. It is this shared responsibility that drives our Behavioral Based Safety Program, where safe behavior is given positive reinforcement and at risk behavior is immediately addressed and corrected.


At C&E it is our culture. We are committed to the constant improvement of our environmental, health, and safety performance to help achieve the greatest benefit for our team and our clients. It is our policy to meet and exceed all safety regulations and industry standards and, in turn, to facilitate full and open discussions to address responsible standards and practices where laws and regulations do not exist. Accordingly, our policy is a standard by which company employees are continually measured.


  • Integrate environmental, health, and safety stewardship into our core business activities.
  • Make environmental, health, and safety considerations a core component in existing operations as well as in the planning, design, and construction of new and expanded facilities, which include the integration of physical risk management into our business and decision processes.
  • Establish and manage a system for total employee involvement in environmental, health, and safety processes along with the means to measure that participation.


C&E Pipeline Services cares about the environment and it shows. We maintain and put great emphasis on our Environmental Stewardship program which meets or exceeds the requirements set by all federal, state and local regulatory agencies, our clients and beyond.

Some aspects of our environmental stewardship program include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Restoration and Reclamation. Topsoil replacement, mulching, regrading of roads, removal of debris and much more as required.
  • Stabilization. Run off management and land and slope stabilization issues are all addressed in our Environmental Stewardship program.
  • Timber Matting. We handle, place and remove all aspects of timber matting in an environmentally sound and friendly manner.
  • Endangered Species. We always work with the safety of endangered species in mind and go above and beyond all regulations to ensure the health of the ecosystems we work in.
  • Invasive Species. An important part of C&E Pipeline Services effort to support a healthy habitat is our awareness of and focus on not spreading invasive species including insects and weeds. Taking special cleaning measures is only one of the actions done to prevent this danger to the environment.